A Quiet Little River Town with a Big Craft Appeal

Winona was built as a railway and steamboat transportation mecca and do you know that those industrious and pioneering folks were big fans of? Beer. Okay, that might be a stretch; we’re not historians. What we are is proud to announce the third annual Winona Craft Beer Tour taking place in the summer of 2019 at Levee Park. Nestled right up against the mighty Mississippi, it just might be a small nod to those early settlers of Winona … or not! We’ll drink to them regardless - you should, too.

*Must be 21 Years Old to Attend


Sat. Jun 29, 2019

Summer in Minnesota is fleeting; include Winona's Craft Beer Tour in your summer plans and enjoy one heck of a Saturday in the sun.


Levee Park

Winona's crown jewel - the newly redesigned Levee Park provides a gorgeous backdrop for the Craft Beer Tour. Enjoy views of the Mississippi and easy access to Main Street and downtown.

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Too soon, bud. Too soon. 

Tickets will be available in the spring of 2019. You can, however, consider this your save-the-date for the Winona Craft Beer Tour!

Check back then - and watch our Facebook page for the official word. How's that saying go? All good things come to those who ... drink beer?

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