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The earliest discovery of beer dates back thousands of years - and it’s suggested that historically, beer was first enjoyed through straws in a group setting. Some things never change. The Craft Beer Tour originated as a way to continue to pay homage to beer’s roots and the celebratory way it connects people. At Leighton Events, community is a driving force behind our beer tasting events and we invite you to join us for one of our six flagship events in the great state of Minnesota.





Brands, breweries, and general stewards of the craft industry. Enjoy exclusive and special release iterations from participating breweries you can’t get your hands (or taste buds) on anywhere else. 



Enjoy being in the presence of like-minded fanatics and hobbyists who know the difference between wet and dry hops, apple vs. pear ciders, and just what type of food pairs well with it all. 

Be Merry


Mingle amongst the cheeriest of festival goers while expanding your craft horizon and being exposed to new trends, flavor profiles, and brands. This industry doesn’t know how to be quiet and we like it loud.

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